Uptown Yardie turns 2, Part II The Future

Uptown Yardie turns 2, Part II The Future

Last year we went to check out Afropunk literally before flying out to our honeymoon, and what an amazing time we had, Grace Jones was phenomenal. This year we’ve been asked to be part of the Spinthrift Market, where we will be combining art with fashion. Watch this space for the countdown to the market and competition offers.


We’ve been working on perfecting our unisex Rocker boots which will be landing soon. They are an update on our hugely successful remixed and twisted monkey boot. They will be coming in three different colour ways. Traditional black and bordeaux and to celebrate our two-year anniversary, we will be selling an exclusive limited edition colour to be revealed soon. There are only 10 pairs available, which are all individually signed and numbered by the Uptown Yardie Crew. Once these are gone they will be gone. Stay tuned for the big reveal and sign up to our mailing list to be alerted to the opportunity to pre-order. 

We will be selling the black and bordeaux colourways at Afropunk. 

Finally, we want to thank you for all your continued support of our brand. We often say it takes a village and we feel that surround us on this rocky but worthwhile journey.


One perfect love

The Uptown Yardie Crew


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