Uptown Yardie featured in Toksick Magazine

Check out My Yardie Girl, Kaya Sport and Kaya wing cap brogues in the latest edition of Toksick magazine http://www.toksickmag.com/single-post/2017/03/10/Hot-Marionette-by-photographer-Liron-Weissman

Thanks to photographer Liron Weissman and styling and art direction Limor Helfgott.


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  • Angela Larks: March 20, 2017

    I am really feeling the look of your shoes! Custom made shoes are the way to go! I always said that if I were rich I would have my shoes custom-made. My style is classic-conservative. But it is to no avail if my feet hurt! Comfort is the key for me now. Heels are only worn when necessary to complete the look of an outfit (dress.) It is extremely hard to find a pair of shoes that are both comfortable and fit perfectly on both feet. No two feet are exactly the same. Buying a pair of extremely comfortable shoes is the ultimate goal for me, I’m always searching for the perfect pair. I would like to see more flat, comfortable stylish shoes. Seems like in order for something to be cute and sexy it has to hurt or on a heel over three inches. Why can’t we get the ultimate comfort and cuteness (sexy) in a flat shoe? Most flat shoes that are ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’ has no support and a bad fit. Anyway, I digress. I work at a major university and plan to invest in a pair of your shoes. If my feet feel good then my whole body feels good! Thank you!

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