Uptown Yardie People - Yoshi SBX

Uptown Yardie People - Yoshi SBX


We are on a mission to promote a community of people who are ones to watch. Unique people who embody our philosophy of what Uptown Yardie means. Uptown Yardie people.

For the first in this series we sat down with Yoshi SBX following his photo shoot for Uptown Yardie, to find out what makes him one to watch.

1. Tell us about yourself? (who you are? what you're into? what you're up to)

Hello world, I go by the name Yoshi SBX. I'm an artist, dancer, activist, holistic wellbeing advocate & universal spiritualist, with particular influence from Buddhism & Taoism. I'm founder of The Jam Movement dance collective & currently perform with Sean Graham's Foreign Bodies Orchestra. My passion is to live, love, learn & share. On that note, the next chapter in my journey is to focus & go deeper into the healing arts, training within the school of traditional Chinese medicine, on my journey as an aspiring helper & healer.

2. What's the second best thing that's ever happened to you?

At this time of writing, the 2nd best thing that i could recall would be 'dying' in a ceremony involving ayahuasca, back in 2012. The 1st would be to live & love again. It has been a most enlightening, ecstatic & agonising experience, as the mystics would say.

3. If you could change one thing in today's society what would it be?

The lack of compassion & awareness of our own sacred wellbeing, let alone others & the planet. When one is not whole or in harmony with self, one is out of touch with others & the universe. I believe it to be the root of all pain & suffering. Only when this happens, can one be enveloped in greed, inflict violence upon another & cause destruction, whether it be spiritual or in the physical. War & poverty are symptoms of such a society that has lost its way. That is why i'm aspiring to be a helper & healer, praying everyday to find centre & remain balanced. I practise yoga & adopt a vegan diet & lifestyle as a result, as best as one can.

4. How would you describe your style?

Style with substance. I like to be simple, practical & functional these days, whilst being stylish & innovative with my choice of attire. I have to, as a dancer. In the last few years though, having worked in fashion retail for 5 years & becoming more aware of the questionable industrial practises of the industry, i've learnt to merge my style with conscious, ethical consumerism. Therefore, i have a tiny wardrobe, where all my apparel is either recycled, repaired &/or multi-functional. So my favourite places to shop, only when i need to, are at charity, vintage & market outlets. Only apparel of good quality can last long enough to end up in such places, which is a good sign. Most products nowadays are not made well or to last. I place much favour on ethical & sustainable products too. I will go out of my way to support an independent designer, who can offer artistic innovation, such as Uptown Yardie, to name but a few. At the end of the day, we all want to look & feel good, presenting ourselves to the world as best as possible.

5. Choose five words to describe Uptown Yardie?

Eccentric, Eclectic, Slick, Stylish & Innovative.

6. What is your favourite Uptown Yardie product and why?

The Kaya Wing Cap brogues. The styling & attention to detail is wonderful. It shows real artistic flair, care & passion. Also the drop crotch denim jeans with the lovely Japanese fabric. The attention to detail is wonderful. 

7. Complete this sentence, "watch this space..."

... with 3 eyes. 


Yoshi SBX

Diary: The Life Of SBX Word: The Book Of X Art: Hello Yoshi

Couchsurfing: Yoshi SBX IG x Flickr: @YoshiSBX


Photography: Agenda at www.visualmarvelry.com @VISUALMARVELRY




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