A Yardie in New York

A Yardie in New York


“I’m a Yardie in New York.”

Uptown Yardie has been busy, exploring new markets. New York is like our second home and bringing our brand there has always been the aspiration. The vibe of New York, the boroughs of Harlem, Brooklyn and the Bronx appeals to us. There are no set rules or trends and it fuels our creativity.

From the Wonderground parties, to the Soul Summit festival, where people were not afraid to express themselves through dance and fashion; through to the Brooklyn flea market, where we rummaged amongst all manner of curiosities and bought a pink plastic watch.  Visiting MOMA and the Brooklyn museums, from Pablo Picasso to the Rise of the Sneaker Culture. And then there there was the New York subway a world in itself inspiring impromptu photo opportunities and lots of times just getting lost while navigating it. All these things are part of the eclectic mix that, epitomises what Uptown Yardie is about.


The highlights of our trip, there were many but if we were to pick a few one would be visiting the Flamekeepers Hat club shop in Harlem, trying on hats, which were like works of art. Then drinking the most amazing tea at the Serengeti tearoom.


It was a great trip. Part II of a Yardie in New York soon come.












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